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Dr. Manish Butte and Dr. Maria Garcia-Lloret pioneer an experimental treatment for Valley Fever. 

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International Center

The California Center for Rare Diseases at UCLA is please to offer appropriate genomic evaluation and sequencing to international patients. To be considered for our genomic characterization program, please visit the International Center Website for details. 


California Center For Rare Diseases At UCLA

Rare Diseases are defined as chronic diseases that affect only 0.05% of the population or less. There are over 7000 known rare diseases, and taken together, they affect around 8% of the world’s population.

The California Center for Rare Diseases at UCLA is a collaborative home for physicians, scientists and patients dedicated to improving diagnostics and clinical care, basic understanding, and novel treatments for rare genetic diseases.
The California Center for Diseases is committed to furthering research of rare diseases. The CCRD partners with many UCLA clincians and researchers studying rare diseases. These studies include patient registries, sample collection, and clinical trials. Click to learn more.
A major goal of the Center is to provide additional research testing to solve undigiagnosed genetic disorders. We will use clinical information combined with testing only available through research to solve complex medical cases.

How Can We Help?

CCRD would like to direct your inquiry to the most appropriate department. Please fill out this information form with best contact and someone in the clinical area associated with your condition or symptoms will respond to your inquiry. This form is not to be used for specific medical advice or for urgent matters. For specific advice contact your primary care team and for urgent or emergency matters please locate urgent or emergency medical care.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

The California Center for Rare Diseases (CCRD) was designed to enhance research and care for the rare disease community.

The CCRD is a network of expert clinicians and researchers with the common goal of advancing rare disease discovery and care.

We offer advanced genomic sequencing and targeted clinical trials. The CCRD is committed to rare disease advocacy and support for patients and families.

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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We offer personalized medical care for each patient (children and adults) based on genetic and research tests, including repurposing drugs for individual use and running clinical trials. By integrating with laboratories both on and off campus, we are making long-lasting, transformative changes in the field of rare diseases.

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